Supervised Driver Training

This is not an average driving school
We specialize in assisting a certain type of learner that needs additional support and information during training. We give you a more informative base when training and take a detailed approach to make sure you are able to handle every possible scenario on the road before introducing you to traffic and driver's test.

Our training structure follows a step by step process covering detailed theory, followed by practice in a controlled environment before traffic application. This system was developed by former law enforcement officer who is also the founder of HBDS.

We specialize in training for learners who are very nervous. We specialize in training for learners whose parents are concerned for their child's safety.

We specialize with learners who have developed a fear of driving and/or who have repeatedly failed their test. We only accept a limited amount of applicants at our school.

Our Driver Training system works

The learners that we do accept are given the time and attention that's needed. We work from 7AM to 8PM x 7 days a week and cover all areas with a pick up and drop off service. We work according to your required times.

We are always on time and never cancel your appointments. Our vehicles are always clean and fresh providing a pleasant learning environment.

Our instructors provide you with the highest level of training. They are subject to an intense instructor's course before we present them to you as your instructor and as our employee representative. They undergo this training to ensure you are being perfectly trained, and we are being represented by the very best.

It's the difference in our training and service that makes the difference with your safety and driving test. We have noted the inadequacies of general driving schools, driving instructors and communication regarding K53 training to bring you our high performance driving school system.

We chose the bee as our company logo for its quality team and work ethic, and high value end product. HBDS Driving Instructors and Driving Consultants (PTY) LTD.

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