Overview of the K53 Test Exam and Lessons

How does the whole learners licence, driving lessons and driving test process work?

  • Firstly to start off you will need to obtain a learners licence. If you don’t have a learner’s licence you are welcome to call us and we will pick you up and take you to the traffic department to book your learners test. It is not necessary for us to take you to the traffic department. You are also welcome to go to the traffic department on your own.
    The difference is that with us we get you a learner’s test date in 10 days compared to the usual 60 days waiting period if you go on your own.
    If you are a foreigner we handle the additional paperwork for you.
  • Once you have a learners licence test date you will need to prepare for the theory question papers. We offer learners theory classes for all 3 question papers, and boast a 100% pass rate for this service.
  • After you have written your learners licence and passed, its recommended to start with driving lessons before making a driver’s licence test booking. We provide the best driving lesson system in South Africa designed by former law enforcement officer and founder of HBDS. Our training process has produced the highest pass rates in the driving school industry and we feel good knowing that were providing value to our students.
  • After a number of driving lessons, consult with your driving instructor if you are ready to pass the test and then proceed to make your test booking. Make sure you do a mock test on the test route and parking yard before the actual test date. Our instructors are familiar with 18 traffic departments and all their test routes.

After having read the above process, you can see where you fit in and contact us. We look forward to start your training.


In order to prepare for your test you need to know what is required of you...

On the day of your test you need to be at the traffic department 15mins before the test time.

The first thing you do is inspect your car,
If your car is not road worthy (ie. low tyre tread, damaged light bulb ... etc) it is an instant fail.
After your car has been inspected and passed as road worthy, the real test begins!
Your test is divided into two parts ...

The first part is parking, the second is the road test driving.

You have to pass the parking in order to get to the road .

To pass the parking you have to complete.

  1. Parallel Parking.
  2. Alley Docking.
  3. Three Point Turn.
  4. Incline Start.

Your parking needs to be completed in 20mins or less and it is marked out of 50 points.

Thereafter , you buckle up ... And, onto the road...

Your road test is not shorter than 20mins and is marked out of 160 points.
It is made up of general driving and observations, safety and control, intersections and traffic, emergency stop and hand signals.
Once you successfully complete these tasks with the help of your driving instructor, you have earned the right to a drivers license .


After you have passed your learners test , becoming a driver is next! We are more than willing to assist with this task . On your first lesson the basic ability of the learner is assessed and a specific schedule formed .

The first and most important thing taught is control of the car , without control there is no safety, and safety on the road is most important.

Control of the car can be divided into:

  1. Pulling Off
  2. Steering
  3. Changing Gears
  4. Stopping

This needs to be done with k53 observations.

Next , instructors generally teach Judgment on the road which can be described as:

  1. Search
  2. Identify
  3. Predict
  4. Decide

This is the foundation of a safe road user and it is instrumental in passing your test.
Lastly, once you are a safe road user, parking is taught.
Essentially we equip you with the tools you need, And help identify what you need to focus on, to achieve a specific outcome.
If you do not have a test appointment our instructors will assist in this aswell.

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