Cape Town Driving Lessons Prices

In addition to the driving lessons and learners classes that we provide our students, they are welcome to attend free training at our office in the form of in-house developed instructional training that has proven to improve the learning process and reduce the amount of lessons needed for new drivers.

Learners Class


  • Learners theory class
  • We cover all 3 question papers

Learners Package


  • Learners test booking
  • Early learners test date
  • Learners Q & A study material
  • 5 driving lessons

Learners + Drivers Package


This package includes:
Early learners booking +-2 weeks and test
day pick up to write, 10 driving lessons,
assessment, drivers booking and car hire.

5 lessons


This is good for learners that
need to brush up or regain confidence
before doing their driving test
or after you've passed your test
and need additional practice

5 Lessons (Booking) Car Hire


  • 5 focus lessons
  • (Test Booking)
  • Test day car hire

7 Lessons (Booking) Car Hire


  • 7 Driving Lessons
  • (Test booking)
  • Test day car hire

10 Lessons (Booking)


  • 10 driving lessons
  • (Test booking)

10 Lessons (Booking) Car Hire


  • 10 driving lessons
  • (Test booking)
  • Test day car hire

15 Lessons (Booking) Car Hire


  • 15 driving lessons
  • (Test booking)
  • Test day car hire

20 Lessons (Booking) Car Hire


  • 20 driving lessons
  • (Test booking)
  • Test day car hire

Code 10 Driving Lessons

From R1500

  • 5 Code 10 Driving Lessons
  • Priced from R1500

Code 14 Driving Lessons

From R1950

  • 5 Package Option
  • Priced from R1950

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