Learners theory class that covers all 3 question papers R350

One on one theory class and we leave you with the exact test Q and A study materials after the class

Learners Theory Class

The learners test is composed or 3 possible question papers that you can receive as your test. Question paper A , B and C.

On the day of the test the traffic officer will randomly hand out one question paper to each applicant so the person sitting next to you will not have the same question paper. This is done to ensure copying of answers does not occur.

The structure of the question paper:

The question paper is made up of 100 multiple choice questions. You as the applicant are not expected to answer the full 100 questions. Depending on the code of learners you are writing ( for eg. motorcycle, light motor vehicle or heavy motor vehicle )  will determine the selection of questions you are expected to answer.

Everyone is expected to answer question 1 to 52.

If you are writing the light motor vehicle test you will be expected to answer in addition to question 1 to 52 question 69 to 84 ( and you will skip questions 53 to 69 and 85 to 100 )

If you are writing the motorcycle test in addition to question 1 to 52 you will be expected to answer question 53 to 68 ( and skip questions 69 to 100)

And if you are writing a heavy motor vehicle learners test you will be expected to answer question 1 to 52 and then question 85 to 100 , ( and skip question 53 to 84 )

The questions you are required to answer are divided into 3 sections: vehicle controls, road signs and general questions.

With our learners class we go through all 3 question papers A  B and C and cover all sections of the test and make sure we cover each possible question that you can receive.

We guarantee your pass after our learners class.

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